-Soothes gums with organic hemp oil

-Helps prevent tooth decay

-Fights bacteria with natural baking soda

-Freshens breath with natural peppermint oil

Price: $11.99


    Remedy+Recovery Hemp Breath Spray makes life easier for pet parents, because it helps protect their dog’s oral and dental health without requiring brushing. Made with naturally derived ingredients, the spray features a 4-in-1 formula: 1) Soothes gums with Organic Hemp Oil, 2) Helps prevent tooth decay, 3) Fights bacteria with Natural Baking Soda, 4) Freshens breath with Natural Peppermint Oil.  More than three-quarters of pet parents (76%) think it’s important to brush their dogs’ teeth regularly, but only 8% do so daily and 43% say they never brush their pet’s teeth at all, according to market research firm Ipso

    Directions for Use: Spray Directly onto the gums. 

    Safe for dogs over the age of three months of age.