Professional quality conditioning shampoo for general use on all breeds of dogs for maximum groom ability. Special themed scents for each shampoo name.

  • Mild Cleansing Shampoo with Added Conditioners
  • Adds Luster and Shine to the Coat
  • Leaves Coat Soft & Easy to Groom, Cuts Static
  • Long Lasting Scent
Price: $10.09


    Features & Benefits: Crazy Dog Shampoos are formulated to clean, condition and moisturize all coat types. Good for all breeds. Conditions and adds body and luster to all coat types. Contains panthenol (pro-vitamin B-5), which promotes long lasting moisturization, improves manageability, improves conditioning to a damaged coat and provides for a fuller and more luxurious shine. Extra natural coat conditioning is derived from wheat protein.

    Directions: Directions on the Crazy Dog shampoos are humorous and impractical - because it doesn't take an instruction manual to bathe a dog. Here's an example of part of the Rainforest Shampoo: "My Rainforest shampoo cleans like a tropical downpour, conditions coats to be as soft as moss and adds luster like sunshine! Immerse your dog in the pool at the bottom of a cascading waterfall. (You'd better be standing next to him!) Drench him with my Rainforest shampoo. Massage in so it gets down to the skin. Rinse under a tropical rain shower. Dry in the warm sunshine or use my Crazy Dog dryer."

    RECOMMENDED FOR: All types of breeds and for people who think giving their dog a bath is fun, for people who like their pet to smell good after the bath, for owners who like to "spiff up" their pet in-between baths with a matching spray.