A fresh, powdery scented leave-in spray for grooming dogs in-between baths. Use this for quick grooming. It's especially good for dogs with long hair that tends to tangle or catch dust, dirt and weeds. Unicoat Grooming Spray is a combination of 3 professional products that have been enhanced with beneficial botanicals. It leaves the coat smelling fresh and clean. It reduces static and "fly away" caused by dry climate.
  • Cleans & Conditions
  • Removes Tangles
  • Reduces Static and Fly-A-Way
  • Adds Luster & Shine
  • Leaves a Long-Lasting Fresh, Clean, Powdery Scent
Price: $9.99


    RECOMMENDED FOR: All breeds, especially long hair breeds, for quick grooming between bathing or can be used before bathing.

    Features & Benefits:

    • Cleansing: The properties of a shampoo pull dirt out of the fur cleansing as you brush.
    • Detangling: The attributes of a créme rinse loosen mats and tangles and are brushed out as you groom. A negative electrical charge reduces fly-a-way and static.
    • Restoring: The coat is restored to its natural beauty as you groom. Conditioners close the cuticle and allow the light to reflect off the hair shaft providing luster and shine.

    Directions: For General Grooming - Hold 8-10 inches from the dog and spray a light mist all over the coat starting at the back of the dog's head and moving backward. Be careful not to get spray into the dog's eyes. Massage into the coat with your hands. Repeat. Brush through coat.

    For Mats & Tangles - Saturate tangle with Unicoat. Separate mats with fingers, then brush carefully to avoid breaking the hair. Respray until it's easy to comb through.

    To Use as a Conditioner: After shampooing, mist Unicoat from head to tail. Allow to dry. Brush to a high sheen.